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Knots n Cotton Co

Skye Highlander Cow Diffuser

Skye Highlander Cow Diffuser

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Our Bullet diffusers with handmade designs, crafted with a breakaway clasp making it easy to hang.

Perfect for the car, office, bathroom or even the caravan!

A beautiful gift with 9 scents to choose from, select from the drop down menu.

Match them with a Keyring to complete the gift. 

How to use: 

1. To use your diffuser, remove the wooden cap and then the plastic stopper. Screw the wooden cap back on, without stopper. Keeping the plastic stopper. 

2. Tip the bottle upside down until the oil starts to absorb into the beech wood. 1-2 sec. Be careful to not over saturate.

3. Holding the bottle upright, remove the wooden cap and place the plastic stopper back in and screw the wooden cap back on.

4. Repeat when needed to re-infuse fragrance. 

5. The beech wood cap is designed to absorb the oil to diffuse the fragrance.


*Refills are available on our website. 
We recommended only refilling twice before replacing diffuser.

Diffuser Refill – Knots n Cotton Co

Do not refill with different scent.

Don't leave bottle lying on a surface, leakage may occur. Do not obstruct drivers view.

Do not leave diffuser exposed to high temperatures above 30 degrees for prolonged period of time.

Manufacture takes no responsibility for improper use.

Keep diffuser out of reach from children and pets, item is not a toy. Avoid contact with eyes and furniture as fragrance is made of oil and may stain.


Care Instructions

Please note this product is not a toy.


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